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This term includes a wide range of products; for example: spare parts, retrofits, recalls, collated mailings and assembly kits. We have experience with kitting in the automotive, industrial and consumer specific fields.  We coordinate and process simultaneously different job; controlling our processes to ensure no mixed product occurs.   We can also keep individual lots separate upon request. If the size of the actual job allows, we use certified scales to weigh count. The scales are also used to verify that all components are included.

Kitting type examples:

Hippa mailings:  

  •         Government contracted and controlled mailings.  
  •         Postal gaylords to Postal Bins.  
  •         Label count verifications and matching.  
  •         Pack into envelopes, cartons, customer specific (assembly required), bulk.

Collated mailings: We work with a variety of quantities and sizes. Accurate countsing methods used. Shrink wrapping is available.

Industrial Kits:  Spare parts, retrofits, recalls, we have seen it all including simple instruction kits, rubber banding manuals.

Promotional Kits:  Posters, magnets, instructions, banners, popups along with other items that need to be send to various locations.