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3rd Party Inspection

SSI welcomes long or short term onsite or in-house inspection requests. Our inspectors are experienced in various types of inspection including, Class A surface defects. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to: customer reject containment, start up production validity, and dock audits. Our conscientious and detail orientated inspectors are experts in finding defects. Several of which have over 10 years experience working with SSI. After product has been certified, the Inspectors attach certified stickers to each container with a date and initial for lot traceability. Customer is provided a paper copy of the daily inspection tallies. A customized electronic report. Most inspections are visual or with customer provided measuring tools. Typical tools used are: thread gages for chasing threads (obstructions) or go/nogo gages for checking tolerance limits. SSI provides some measuring tools (e.g. calipers) and may be provided upon request. You can have your inspections conducted on the line, end of line, on the dock or have your product inspected at our facility. We even provide quick pick-up and delivery when required!


Metal stampings: splits, lamination, dents, waves, slug marks, burrs, miss hit/stamp(s), profile/blank inspections, markings, shavings, hole location, missing holes,  long trim, short trim, open hem, white rust, pulled holes, buckles, date stamps

Welds: (example, mig & spot welds): poor fill, weld spatter, weld line detection, cracks, incomplete or lack of fusion and pinholes,

Misc: contamination, chasing threads, bore dimensions and label verification

Assemblies: missing components, correct components, components positioned correctly, plus fasteners are present, correct, positioned and engaged.