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Upstate South Carolina

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Manufacturing Services


Have a job that requires de-flashing/de-gating? We handle most materials and have the tools and experience.


Multiple grinding methods are available to remove excess flash and/or smooth surfaces.


Typical production processes are Buff & Polish and Satin Finish. It's an art form and we are really good.


Hand Assembly, Semi-automatic assemblies. Small or Large

Assemble Kits

Our detail oriented operators put together kits from product and packaging.


Manual removal of both plastic and metal: gates, runners or flash.

Onsite Labor

Our flexible, detail orientated workers can fulfill your inspection. Whether its a in-line production or off-line process.

Press Fit Assembly

Arbor Presses or other custom fit methods are used. We custom build fixtures


SSI can rework your product: cleaning, dis-assembly, re-assembly, sanding, polishing, machining and more.


SSI has expert commercial sewing operators and have several types of machines to fit your needs


Whether the project is at your facility or ours; we can accommodate most sorting operations.

Spray Ink/Ink Jet/Part Marking

SSI has 2 Domino A-Series Plus High Speed, automated operator assisted Ink Jet machines with both black and white ink.

our customers about us:

Ya’ll did AMAZING! Barry’s been saying lots of great things about ya’ll. Please tell everyone THANK YOU from us!

Manager, Printing Company usual, they got what I needed done in record time and did a great job!!!!

Quality Manager, Automotive

Just keep doing what you’re doing!

Quality Manager, Automotive

Wow, thank you SO much!! The customer will be very happy knowing that everything is shipping out completed today. Makes my job much easier and more enjoyable when they are happy.
Perfect delivery, great job

Purchasing, Printing

...good worker, shows up on time, helpful and catches so many things [defects]

Manager, Die Casting

Y’all are awesome!

Manager, Healthcare

...everything seems to be going very well. I appreciate your flexibility. This seems to have addressed a need for us and I am glad we are able to work with you.

Manager, On-site inspection, Healthcare