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SSI is here to serve you, we have been serving the upstate for 20 years! Our employees are trained and have the hands-on experience you are looking for. Whether at your facility or ours, we are THE SOLUTION to your needs!

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There seems to be a machine for everything, but sometimes it takes a human to get the job done right. We package various types of products and materials: point of purchase displays, glue covers, assembling kits, screws, bolts, washers, and much more. We collate, shrink wrap, tape, wet glue, hot melt glue… you name it!


3rd Party Inspection

Need Qualified Inspectors? We pride ourselves on learning your unique situation and understanding all of the issues involved. We then actively participate in containing the problem, certifying the parts for shipping, and following up with easy-to-read reporting.


Non-CNC Machining

One part, one hole. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense for CNC. Call us for drilling, reaming, tapping and staking.


Manufacturing Services

Our staff is dependable, experienced, and ready to assist with any short term or long term projects. Plus we manage the personnel on the project giving you the peace of mind that everything is taken care of. We deliver on time and on budget.